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Wo Ist Peter Maffay Geboren |Peter Maffay, the son of a Transylvanian-Saxon mother (and a Hungarian-German father , moved to Waldkraiburg near Mühldorf am Inn in Bavaria in August 1963 with his parents. Peter’s mother was from Transylvania, while his father was from Hungary and Germany.

He started learning how to play the violin when he was seven years old and continued doing so until he was 14 years old. After completing his secondary education, he enrolled in the Ruperti-Gymnasium in Mühldorf am Inn.

He was able to save up enough money for his first guitar by working throughout the summer at a construction site. In 1964, Maffay became a member of the band The Beat Boys, which would eventually be renamed The Dukes.

He was brought on as a guitarist for the band. At the venue known as Lokal Weißer Hirsch in Waldkraiburg, the band performed covers of songs by artists such as Bob Dylan, The Pretty Things, Small Faces, Herman’s Hermits, Cream, The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Kinks, and Donovan. This venue served as the band’s first practice space. They became somewhat of a regional celebrity within a radius of fifty kilometers due to their performances in the Mühldorf area.

In 1968, when he was forced to drop out of high school after being passed up for promotion twice, he began an apprenticeship as a chemigrapher in Munich. It was around this time that he reconnected with an old classmate, Margaret Kraus, whose father was Alfred Kraus. Together, they established the folk-beat duo Peter & Margit, in which he sang for the first time.

He did so during the band’s early years. At the Munich club Song Parnass, they played covers of songs by artists such as Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul, and Mary, the Kinks, the Rolling Stones, Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, and Paul Simon.

They sung the songs in a variety of languages, including German, English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian, and Russian; Maffay is fluent in all of these tongues. At that time, each individual was paid 10 DM for each performance that they gave. A single was also made available by the band.

But he quickly became tired of the Schlager image; beginning in the 1970s, the singer shifted his musical approach and eventually achieved success with “Steppenwolf” in 1979; the album sold 1.6 million copies in Germany alone. Additionally, the single “So bist du” topped the charts in Germany and became the most popular song there.

The song “Über Sieben Brücken du muss gehn,” which translated literally means “You have to go over seven bridges,” became his next hit in 1980 and provided all of Germany a catchy tune. Maffay celebrated the 40th anniversary of his stage debut by releasing the live album “Tattoos” in 2010, which featured new recordings of some of his most well-known songs.

In 2011, he also reminded a younger audience by recording a song with the rapper Bushido for his album titled “23.” The song was released in 2011. A short while later, the veteran rocker distanced himself from the rapper and condemned the latter’s discriminating and violent text messages.

Wo Ist Peter Maffay Geboren
Brașov, Rumänien

In addition to the many musical accolades that Peter Maffay has received, such as the “German Record Prize” seven times and the “Echo” five times, he has also been honored with several awards for his devotion to social causes, including the Federal Cross of Merit in 1996 and 2008.

Peter Maffay has an extensive network, which allows him to supply his admirers with photographs, stories, and videos from his personal Instagram channel, as well as access to his official website and fan store. There is also an official autograph address, to which fans can send a self-addressed envelope together with a stamp in order to obtain the singer’s much coveted signature.

Peter Maffay had a total of four marriages. Petra Küfner was his first wife, and she was an educator. In the time in between his two marriages to Küfner, he wed a large number of other ladies. The dissolution of the marriage to Tania Spengler took place in August of 2020.

Maffay wurde erstmals 1969 auf Michael Kunze aufmerksam, als er nach jungen Interpreten suchte, um Songs zu interpretieren, die Michael selbst geschrieben hatte. The wurde von Kunze produziert und im Januar 1970 veröffentlicht. You ist die erste Single, die von Maffay, die noch minderjährig sind, veröffentlicht wurde. Sein Debüt im Fernsehen gab er erstmals im März 1970, als er an der ZDF-Hitparade teilnahm.

Der Auftritt katapultierte ihn in Deutschland zu Ruhm und der Song „Du“ wurde zum erfolgreichsten deutschsprachigen Hit des Jahres 1970. Außerdem erreichte der Song in den folgenden Ländern zeitgleich Platz eins der Charts : Niederlande (Gold), Norwegen (Gold), Österreich (Gold) und Belgien (Gold). Es wurden mehr als eine Million Singles verkauft.

Der Erfolg, der mit den darauffolgenden Singles erzielt wurde, reichte nicht an den Erfolg, der mit Ihnen erzielt wurde. 1973 entwickelte sich mit Hilfe seines Managers Michael Conradt auch der Stil, der sich zunächst am Samstagabend in unserer Straße bemerkbar machte.

Maffay stieg in der Musikindustrie auf, indem er für den Rest des Jahrzehnts, das die 1970er Jahre war, traditionelle Country- und Rock’n’Roll-Balladen und -Nummern aufführte. Darüber hinaus arbeitete er mit dem deutschen Singer-Songwriter Johnny Tame zusammen, um die Band Tame & Maffay zu gründen, die sich mit Country-Rock-Musik beschäftigte.

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