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Katharina Schubert Ehemann Daughter of performers Jürgen Schmidt and Rosemarie Schubert, Katharina Schubert received her acting training at the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg. Her early engagements took her to the Altes Schauspielhaus in Stuttgart and the Staatstheater in Hanover, but she also performed on stage at the Kleine Komodie in Munich. Since 2007, Schubert had been married to her co-star in the acting industry, Lars Gartner; nevertheless, the couple split in 2014.

She made her film debut in 1988 with Wolfgang Glück ‘s Münchhausen’s Last Love starring Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff . Her many roles in popular television shows such as “Ein Mann ist meine Frau,” “Three with Heart,” and “Da geht Kalle” brought her to the attention of a more general television viewing public. In the nighttime series One for All – Women Can Do It Better that was broadcast on ARD in 2009, she portrayed the major character of Lilli Lemcke.

Katharina Marie Schuber always has the ability to rediscover who she is, regardless of whether her hair is brown, black, blonde, short, or long. According to an article published on “,” “the fact that the tall blonde is not recognized better is partially due to the fact that she strictly selects projects based on quality.”

In point of fact, Schubert seemed to select her characters with a high degree of care. The five-foot-and-seven-eight-centimeter-tall actress has already been honored with a number of accolades for her discerning choices.

She was nominated for the German Television Award for Best Actress in 2017 for her parts in “Wellness for couples” (director: Jan Georg Schütte) and “Who gives up is dead” (director: Stephan Wagner). Both of these films were directed by Jan Georg Schütte. The performance of the 40-year-old actress, who played a jobless actress in “A Gift from the Gods,” earned her the Bavarian Film Prize in the year 2015.

Only a select few of Katharina Marie Schubert’s most personal information are known to the public. The actress was asked about her private life by “teleschau,” and she only revealed a limited amount about it. She said, “Thank God I’m nearly never recognized. But there are some things I can divulge: I am now in a relationship and I live in Berlin.

People ought to judge me on my work as an actress, not on the details of my personal life.” Nevertheless, she was adamant about keeping the identity of her present partner a secret. The interpersonal drama “Zwei” will make its broadcast debut on ARD on April 19, 2017.

In it, Schubert plays the role of “Fiona,” a lady who rediscovers her feelings for her ex-boyfriend twenty years after their relationship has ended.

During this time, Katharina Schubert was also working on establishing a career in film and television. She appeared in multiple episodes of different television shows, such as “Derrick” and “Der Alte,” and she also made a number of films for television, such as the comedy “Club Las Piranjas” and the comedy “Willi and the Windzors” alongside Hape Kerkeling.

Her most successful television series to that point, “Drei mit Herz,” debuted that same year (1999). On the big screen, she had a number of roles, one of which was in the blockbuster comedy “Japanese are the better lovers.”

In 2006, she appeared in Ben Verbong’s new family film titled “Herr Bello in front of the camera” and the television film titled “How do I seduce my spouse” opposite Jochen Horst. Both of these films were directed by Ben Verbong.

Katharina Schubert currently resides in the city of Munich.

She had a good day catching up with her coworkers and her pals. She said, “Unfortunately, my husband was unable to travel with us because he is required to work every day, including the weekends.” Katharina Schubert is married to the actor Lars Gartner, who is 11 years his junior. Gartner is 36 and stars in the show “Stromberg.”

Katharina Schubert Ehemann
Schubert had been married to her co-star in the acting industry, Lars Gartner; nevertheless, the couple split in 2014.

However, as an actor, he has very little employment these days. “He currently works as a dental consultant and equips dental practices,” the actress continues. “He took over his father’s dental technology company when he was a young adult.”

Since August of 2007, the couple has been married, and they currently make their home in peaceful Kaiserswerth, close to Düsseldorf, along with Valentin, who is Lars Gartner’s son. The reason for the actress’ relocation to Duisburg was that her husband takes care of business for his father’s company.

Katharina Schubert, who will soon be featured in “The Inventor’s Bride,” an ARD film, has already relocated 12 times. Her most recent residences were in Hamburg, Zurich, and Munich before she moved to Bochum. In the meantime, she is doing quite well in her new home and has made herself at home there.

The always cheerful actress who played Kalle’s mistress in the ZDF family series “Da geht Kalle” passed away in 2006. She had been acting since the 1950s. Katharina Schubert may also be seen in the television film titled “How do I woo my husband?” and in the ZDF long-running hit titled “Das Traumschiff.” Both of these roles serve as a guarantee for the best family entertainment.

In the show “My Sister and I,” she demonstrates that she is equally capable of existing in the context of a dramatic work alongside Nadesha Brennicke.

While filming “There Comes Kalle,” she became acquainted with fellow actor Lars Garner, whom she would later marry in 2007. They had their first date on the set of the movie. During the production of “Traumschiff,” Lars Gartner popped the question to her in a manner that was both extremely romantic and befitting of a series actor.

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