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Jürgen B Harder Alter The world-class swimmer is not only doing flawlessly in terms of her career, Franziska van Almsick can also count herself lucky in her private life. She has been in a relationship with her partner Jürgen B. Harder since 2005 – so Franzi van Almsick has not been single for 15 years now.

Only a year after the relationship with entrepreneur Jürgen B. Harder became public, the couple got engaged and son Don Hugo crowned their happiness. Franziska van Almsick is now a mother of two, as her second son Mo Vito was born in 2013. Jürgen B. Harder age is 59 years.

But Franziska van Almsick is strong about all the rumors of crisis about her relationship: “There has never been anything different between me and my husband than it is now. Neither divorced, separated, married. Nothing!” Said the swimming icon once in an interview “” and added: “My small intact family, my husband, my children, that’s the biggest and most beautiful thing I’ve done in my life.”

The nation has always been interested not only in the athlete van Almsick, but also in the private, young and good-looking Franzi.

From her point of view, it was therefore unavoidable that her first love affairs were all followed with eagle eyes by the general public – but always without any escapades on her part.

Her first great love lasted from the mid-1990s to early 2000, when she was in a relationship with fellow swimmer Steffen Zesner.

But the peak of attention followed afterwards: When she had a relationship with handball punk Stefan Kretzschmar for almost four years, who still wears her likeness on his calf to this day.

During this time, her popularity was at boiling point. The liaison between the two sports stars almost reached “Beckhamian” proportions.

Swimming is obviously in her blood. But what about other sports? “I like a lot of sports and a few years ago I discovered my secret passion for football,” revealed Franziska van Almsick to spot on news.

On the other hand, she doesn’t know all that well about “fun sports”, “that’s not exactly my specialty,” admits the native of Berlin.

Although she and her husband have been a couple for many years, the athlete never dreamed of a wedding with a white dress and carriage. “Our children bear their father’s name.

You and our love are the bond that connects us even without a marriage certificate. I don’t have to be married to be sure.”

Shortly before her 40th birthday on April 5, she felt a “tremendous spirit of optimism”. “I feel more mature, more mature, more womanly and I’m emancipating myself from myself,” she said in the interview. She knows a lot of great women between 40 and 50 and is looking forward to “being a member of the club too”.

“Franzi” now knows exactly what she wants, who she wants in her life and who is honest with her. She cannot see any optical defects in herself. She may have been to a beautician twice and doesn’t use any anti-wrinkle creams either.

“I accept my age and am grateful to have the feeling that I have found my inner center. Part of that is that the body isn’t as crisp as it was when it was 20.”

In the years that followed, the East Berliner dominated the pool and became a leading figure in German swimming. But it was all over in 2004 – she ended her career at the age of 26, found the man of her dreams in entrepreneur Jürgen B. Harder, moved to Heidelberg with him and had two sons, Don Hugo, 11, and Mo Vito, 4.

The family, she says, be her everything. Even when her husband was on trial for an alleged corruption affair in 2015, the couple stuck together.

Jürgen B Harder Alter
born April 5, 1978 in East Berlin

On April 5, Franzi will be 40 years old and looks back on her life so far in the SUPERillu interview, but also ahead.

As the “first all-German sports star after reunification”, she was celebrated like a superhero and the following year, after overall World Cup victory and three-time European Championship gold , she was also declared “World Sportswoman of the Year” .

After she almost missed making it into the final at the 1994 World Championships in Rome and was only allowed to compete because her teammate Dagmar Hase voluntarily cleared the field for the new German hope for gold, she thanked her with the title and another world record.

The athlete grew up in Eppertshausen in Hesse, but now lives in Berlin. He discovered gymnastics for himself in his earliest childhood days. Sport helped him get his hyperactivity under control. What initially began with mother-child gymnastics led Thomas Seitel through a sporting life. He even did gymnastics in the first national leagues in Germany and France. At 20, Thomas Seitel studied sports science and journalism in Cologne, but then concentrated more on his career as a model and show acrobat.

Thomas Seitel has even been in the Guinness Book of World Records since December 2008 . On the RTL show “Guinness World Records” he set himself the task of layering as many underpants as possible. In just five minutes he managed 82 pairs of underwear.

The local newspaper “Offenbach-Post” published a detailed article about Thomas Seitel in 2011. He was in his mid-20s at the time and caused quite a stir with his sporting achievements. Seitel did gymnastics in the Bundesliga for the Heidelberg Artistic Gymnastics Association. Every day, the Hessian from Eppertshausen spent up to three hours in the gym. “For me, this is my free time, I don’t need a sofa to relax, because I relax with my sport ,” he once said.

But far away from gymnastics, Seitel had a big dream: he really wanted to be a sports journalist for television. At that time he is said to have decided to study sports science with a focus on journalism, according to the newspaper report. In order to gain additional experience, Thomas Seitel is said to have worked for RTL alongside his studies. Unfortunately, the dream of becoming a sports journalist apparently came to nothing. Nevertheless, Seitel has made a career – as a model and as an acrobat for Helene Fischer’s shows. As everyone knows, that’s where he met the woman of his dreams.

Thanks to his parents’ decision, Thomas Seitel’s career path was mapped out. He began an impressive career as a gymnast. He did gymnastics for a total of ten years in the Bundesliga in Germany and France. He then withdrew from active competitive sports and began to reorient himself. Thomas Seitel has been in stage shows for some time. He made a name for himself above all as an aerial acrobat and traveled internationally in this context. He has worked in Dubai, China and Canada, among other places. Thomas Seitel discovered another facet of himself: Thanks to his well-trained body and attractive appearance, he was discovered as a model and also became really successful in this area. Thomas Seitel has a model file at McFit.

After his studies, Thomas Seitel moved to Berlin, where the 34-year-old still lives today. There he works as a professional gymnast and acrobat. Thomas Seitel has been part of Helene Fischer ‘s crew since 2017 , with whom he has performed on stage with the singer in more than 70 shows. Thomas Seitel’s trademark is his well-trained body, which must also have inspired Helene Fischer . In addition to a well-trained body, Thomas Seitel has a clearly visible six-pack.

Due to the hype that the media created after the announcement of the relationship between him and Helene Fischer , he complained that the press did not stop at his family. He said: “Journalists are with my grandma and grandpa in the hallway.” Thomas Seitel also said that the press broke over them like a tornado. This situation put a lot of strain on his elderly grandparents, which is why he decided to talk about it in public.

Everyone has known his name since December 2018: Thomas Seitel is the new man alongside hit queen Helene Fischer. The acrobat and the musician became friends on tour and eventually became lovers.

Everyone has known his name since December 2018: Thomas Seitel is the new man alongside hit queen Helene Fischer. The acrobat and the musician became friends on tour and eventually became lovers

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