Jana Pareigis Verheiratet

Jana Pareigis Verheiratet Regarding the journalist’s personal life, very little information is available. There is no evidence to suggest that she is married or that she has a partner. In the year 2018, it was revealed that she was planning to become a mother. She had every intention of keeping the baby’s gender a secret from everyone, but Hollywood actor Denzel Washington announced on the German program “Mittagsmagazin” that the presenter is carrying a male child. Nobody in her immediate vicinity was aware of it. On the show “DAS!” she remembers thinking, “Oh goodness, I need to phone a couple people,” in reference to the occasion. On TV, her obvious pregnancy bump was impossible to miss. It is not known who the man is that is standing by her side. Berlin is where the moderator and her son make their home.

The native countries of Jana Pareigi’s mother and father are Germany and Zimbabwe, respectively. She was adopted by a German mother and a Swedish father not long after her birth, and they brought her up in Germany.

After receiving his high school diploma in the year 2000, Pareigis moved on to participate in voluntary work in Harare. She attended schools in Hamburg, New York City, and Berlin for her education in Political Science and African Studies, respectively.

At the beginning of her career in television, Pareigis worked in Berlin for N24 as an assistant editor-in-chief.

Prior to that, she had already amassed a wealth of professional experience working in the Department of Peacekeeping at the United Nations, at the Reuters news agency, and at a variety of foundations and newspaper publishers.

From 2010 she was a TV presenter for the news show Journal at DW-TV and a freelance editor for WDR , Zeit Online and Deutsche Welle , among others . Beginning in December of 2014, she hosted the morning news program on ZDF.

From April 2018 to March 2022 she was the primary presenter of ZDF-Mittagsmagazin . It was the 24th of February, 2021 when she made her debut as the host of the ZDF newscast at 12 o’clock today. As the replacement of Petra Gerster on ZDF’s daily news program at 7 p.m., she has been moderating the program since the 27th of July, 2021.

As an Afro-German , Pareigis is participating in the battle against racism . In 2017, she directed the documentary Afro.Deutschland or Afro.Germany – Being black and German , which deals with racism towards Black people living in Germany and was produced by Deutsche Welle and distributed in German and English .

Jana Pareigis Verheiratet
Sie ist verheiratet und hat einen Mann und einen Sohn

She makes an effort to demystify the double assignment of having German nationality and being black, and in doing so, she demonstrates the racial diversity that exists in Germany. In the film, Pareigis goes over Germany to meet Afro-Germans and talk to them about their stories and experiences.

She has conversations with a variety of interesting people, including the German rapper Samy Deluxe, the German actor, journalist, and official of the Federal Intelligence Service Theodor Wonja Michael (1925-2019), the Portuguese artist Grada Kilomba, the South African street artist -artist Robin Rhode, and the former German soccer player Gerald Asamoah.

They were able to reveal several stereotypes and prejudices that Afro-German people experience in their day-to-day lives as a result of their interactions with one another. Her documentary also bears witness to the continuous manifestations of intolerance, racism and xenophobia in Germany.

A new German translation of James Baldwin’s collection of essays titled After the flood the fire (The Fire Next Time) was released in 2019, and Pareigis contributed a foreword to accompany the publication. In it, she highlights Baldwin’s importance for comprehending the present and speaks on her personal experiences with racism.

In February 2021, Jana Pareigis will make her debut on the popular news show. The broadcaster made the announcement in May that news icon Petra Gerster will be departing the news format after 23 years, and that Jana Pareigis would become her deserving successor. On July 27, 2021 at 7 o’clock in the evening, Pareigis will make his debut appearance on the ZDF news program “heute” for the very first time.

The following is the objective that Pareigis has set for himself: “I want to get people enthused about everything that is happening in the globe.” According to what Pareigis told the German Press Agency, the language work on the news is especially essential to her. “And how do I prepare it so that it becomes fascinating for the television audience?” she said.

She sees spoken news as having “the opportunity that I as a person can take people with me, that I can express what is occurring to them,” in contrast to written news.